For ordering, take a look at our active sports sculpture selection on the attached All Sports Sculpture pdf file . The sports sculpture file provides an overview of the images we have in our inventory. Custom images other than those pictured may be available however there is additional lead time and design cost involved in creating them.

Balbin sports sculptures make unique and highly valued trophies or special recognitions. For trophy information review the attached file and contact us with your ideas. We have produced special event and corporate recognitions for a wide variety of events and organizations.


  1. Hello,
    I would like to thank you for your talent of the outdoors..!! Very precious gift you have. My purchase of your horse on the rock had me in awe…….so it has a place in my home now!!
    I would like to make an order if possible (and no rush) of your ” downhill” skier on the rock.

    Thank you again,

    Jane Michalek

  2. Hello, I recently received a present for Christmas that you created. It is a small sculpture of a runner on a rock. I am doing the Birke ski race in February with 4 four other friends and thought it would be fun to see if you had created a cross country sculpture. It see on the images on your website that you have. Image number 16 of 24 is a male cross country skier. Do you have that sculpture for sale? I would be interested in purchasing 5 from you if you have others of it.
    Love your work!
    Thanks, Dave Daniels

  3. Hi Jane,
    My apologies for the delayed reply – I need to check the web page inquiries more often. In general you can email us directly at

    To answer your question – we have dropped the alpine skier from our inventory as it is something we’ve done very few of over the years. Regret that we can not assist you with this item.

    regards Gary C for Sara at Dragonfly Studio

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