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  1. Hello Sara,
    I have just come across some artwork and I’m looking trying to find the correct artist. The prints are signed and numbered and 1 is dated. The signature looks like SBalbin 9-15-79. I dont know how to attach a photo on here ?
    I was wondering if you did prints of ducks and geese in the late 70s?
    Thank you for your time,
    Lindsey Rivard

  2. Hi Lindsey, Well I can see that I’m super late in replying to your inquiry about black and white prints. So sorry, I just totally missed this. Years/decades ago I would do an original pen and ink water fowl themed pen and ink as a donation to the local Ducks Unlimited Chapter as a donation to support their cause. Each of those black and white originals were also reproduced in a group of full size prints. The DU Chapter would get a specially signed and numbered group to use a recognition gifts and/or silent auction items. As the artist I also would receive a group of prints that I’d sign, title and number for my own use. I sold them through my Creative Touch gift shop that operated at Telemark for 25 years through the thick and thin of that entity’s existence. Occasionally, one will surface and I’m asked about it. If my memory serves me correctly I did prints of the following birds: coots, Canadian geese, loons, wood ducks, pintails, one of a hutting dog with a wood duck on its head and one two print set of my husband with a shot gun that complimented another of birds in flight one of which had been hit. That is what I can tell you about the black and white prints. Feel free to follow up any further via a direct email to Regards Sara

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