Through the trust of supportive patrons, Sara has been fortunate to create and install many public sculptures and private commissions. Public art provides a gathering place for reflection and discussion.

The creation of Sara’s larger pieces is assisted by the great team of family, friends and professional assistants with whom she works. Together under Sara’s artistic direction and vision large three dimensional installations become reality.

A large group of diverse public sculptures can be seen in the small northwestern Wisconsin towns of Cable and Hayward.

Download a detailed self-guided PDF file of the Cable Area Sara Balbin Sculpture Tour brochure here: Cable Sculpture Tour. The Cable Sculpture Tour provides an artistic overview of the natural surroundings, human history and athletic endeavors of northern Wisconsin.

You can also enjoy a Hayward area Sara Balbin Sculpture Tour that covers a broad variety of human interest, natural, historical and sporting themed sculptures: Hayward Sculpture Tour

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