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When deciding on a theme and title for this sculpture commission commemorating the Hayward Hospital Auxiliary’s seventy years of community advocacy, Compassion seemed most appropriate.

 As I learned about the Auxiliary’s history, I was inspired by the diversity of the financial, emotional and physical contributions supporting the Hospital and impacting the healing of a community.

As an artist, I am humbled by the trust placed in me to creatively represent an organization or event. This particular professional honor inspired the Compassion sculpture’s design expressing the long term influence of this volunteer group’s healing vocation.

The creative imagery in Compassion tells the story of the Auxiliary’s vision, mission and accomplishments.

The large rock base, acquired on the hospital property, is reflective of the long-term foundation of the Auxiliary’s advocacy.

Many supportive hands and the stainless-steel heart speak to the Auxiliary member’s selfless contributions to a community’s healing.

The three-tiered rock cairn represents a way finding guide along the medical journey.  It is also a monument marking life changing events along the path.

Lastly, the stainless-steel dragonfly speaks to the metamorphosis experienced by those helping as well as those being helped by the Auxiliary’s actions.

Altogether, it is my hope that Compassion will inspire others to be kind, do good and work toward positive impacts in their community.

I extend my sincere thanks to the Auxiliary and the Hayward Area Memorial Hospital-Waters Edge (now Tamarack Health) for the honor of this creative opportunity.

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