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Giving thanks on the Thanksgiving holiday weekend for the delivery and installation of the recently refurbished and completed Crane Duet.

This was a sculpture in our personal Dragonfly Studio collection that caught the eye of a supportive patron couple who visited the studio one day. The piece utilized the wing form that has been a favorite theme of mine for many years since the creation of Dragon’s Flight at the Cable Natural History Museum. To further finish the nicely oxidized creation, I added two bright yellow glass eyes and a colorful Lake Superior wave washed heart rock signifying unity, good health and well being.

The sculpture was installed in a beautiful pine and mixed hardwood forest on the edge of a serene lake between Hayward and Springbrook. I was especially delighted that Crane Duet rested in a setting that included an eons old sizeable boulder that had been excavated on the site.

I am forever thankful for supportive patrons of the arts. long time friends and family who enable my creative journey.  Be grateful. Be happy. Be well.


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