One of the greatest honors bestowed upon me as an artist is the trust placed in my creative abilities to design a fitting memorial for some one who has passed on from this world. Over the past year, I have been working with Del Jerome and his family to create the June Jerome Memorial Sculpture, recently installed at the north entrance to the Drummond School. June, who passed in 2019, taught in the Drummond School system for forty-two years with a specialty in reading instruction. The Reader sculpture, that features a mother reading to a child, was selected as a fitting tribute to her passion for teaching reading to the students she nurtured over the years. In a bigger sense, this sculpture honors not only her work but the dedication of all Drummond School teachers and staff who have guided the students over the years to a successful future at home, in our community and beyond. My artistic integrity for public sculptures requires that I design a piece respectful of the patron’s wishes yet serving the community. To accomplish this goal, the project was greatly supported by the Jerome family’s equipment, natural resources and expertise in building the complimentary foundation. Many thanks to Del and family for their partnership in this endeavor. Thanks also to the Drummond School system for allowing this public installation that will stand in honor of June and her fellow educators from this point on.

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