A primary theme in my artistic endeavors is the dynamic relationship between humankind and the environment. This natural relationship is quite evident in the Flowing Waters series which I am currently featuring in a two woman show with photographer Seri Demorest at the LaPointe Center Art Guild & Gallery on Madeline Island from June 28 to July 16 .

The artistic seed for Flowing Waters was planted in 2010 with a commission by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources. In recognition of their ten year old grants for river advocacy program, they requested that I design an awards sculpture for the Decade of River Successes recipients. The steel sculpture pictured below was presented to eleven river advocacy groups across the state who had been outstanding in benefiting Wisconsin waters.

It was the focus on this theme of our interaction with water that was developed in depth in the current show at the LaPointe Center Art Guild & Gallery.

Each of the sculptures in the LaPoint Center show exhibit water as a key element in their design. Stainless steel combined with mild steel accented with Lake Superior wave washed rocks and tumbled agates provide the visual impact for this water based theme.

The sustainability of the waters is essential for our survival. Over countless generations past and to come, Flowing Waters are a life giving, healing and essential resource.


These sculptural designs have allowed me to echo the importance of water and its relationship to humanity. I look forward to creating more images with this important environmental theme.

For further information on the show on Madeline Island call the LaPointe Center Art Guild & Galler at 715-747-3321 or email lpcartgg@cheqnet.net . For more information visit the Madeline Island Chamber of Commerce web site at www.madelineisland.com .

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