Just in time for the Northwood’s Humane Society fund raiser, A Celebration of Plants and Animals, on Saturday June 18 (http://www.northwoodshumanesociety.org/ ) Cirque du Animale was created at my Dragonfly Studio.

This playful steel sculpture features a menagerie of animals engaged in a somewhat precarious balancing act. Atop the rose stone base sits a floppy eared dog extending his paws. A hand standing cat balances with skill on the feet of the cooperative pooch. Adding to the acrobatic scene, a bird stretches its body skyward perching on the back cat paw. On the rock base, rounding out the troupe and oblivious to the activity above them are two acrobatic mice doing an intricate pirouette.

I am thankful for the opportunity to donate the efforts of my creative adventures to the society’s fund raising efforts. Cirque du Animale will be part of the live auction during Northwood’s Humane Society gathering.

Their advocacy for abandoned, injured and generally down on their luck small animals is commendable. Log onto their web site to follow their blog postings and friend them on Facebook. Most of all donate to their cause by helping fund their noteworthy mission.

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